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  1. a/b: Auto/Biography Studies

    Publishes research on historic and contemporary autobiography, biography, life narrative, and identity studies including interdisciplinary narrative analysis.
    Partial Access
  2. The AAG Review of Books

    Publishes reviews, essays and fora which reflect upon publications across the breadth of geographic scholarship and allied disciplines.
    Partial Access
  3. Accountability in Research

    Policies and Quality Assurance
    Interdisciplinary forum for ethics, standards, policies and improved result validity in general sciences, medicine, law, management, public policy and history.
    Partial Access
  4. Accounting and Business Research

    ABR aims to understand the role of all areas of accounting in business, including financial reporting, auditing, tax, corporate governance and public sector.
    Partial Access
  5. Accounting Education

    Publishes research on accounting education and training, focusing on business, public and managerial accounting, and financial management and analysis.
    Partial Access
  6. Accounting Forum

    Research on accounting theory and information systems; financial, management, social and environmental accounting; ethics, taxation, auditing and governance.
    Partial Access
  7. Accounting History Review

    Publishes research on the history of accounting thought, practice and institutions in diverse institutional contexts across space and time.
    Partial Access
  8. Accounting in Europe

    Contributes to policy debates and the development of European accounting and auditing by providing new insights for research, practice, policy and regulation.
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