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Publish your research in Open Select journals

Researchers can choose to make their research available open access using Open Select, in one of 2,300+ Taylor & Francis and Routledge subscription journals. Your research funder or your institution may require you to publish your article open access. Visit our Author Services website to find out more about open access policies and how you can comply with these.

Through Open Select, there is a wide scope of subjects and disciplines, ranging across the sciences, social sciences, medicine, technology, engineering, humanities, and arts. Enjoy all the benefits of open access in a subscription journal.

Explore our journal suggester to help you find the best home for your research article.

Choosing open access brings you and your potential readers a number of benefits:

  • Increase usage and influence: Articles published Open Select with Taylor & Francis typically receive 32% more citations* and over 6 times as many downloads^ compared to those that are not published Open Select.
  • Greater impact: Your research will be accessible to policymakers, practitioners, professionals, and the general public interested in your field. You will be able to see the downloads, citations and Altmetric data for your article at any time.
  • Retention of copyright: You have control over how your research can be used by others.
  • Maximize discoverability with rapid online publication: Your paper will be available soon after acceptance for anyone who needs it. Your readers will find it through the many databases that index Taylor & Francis content, for example Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed and many others.
  • Robust peer review: You and your audience will know your work is a valuable contribution to your field.

How do I make my article open access in Open Select journals?

There are five simple steps:

  1. Choose the Open Select journal that best suits your work
  2. Write and submit your paper
  3. Revise your paper as guided by peer reviewer and editor comments
  4. Upon acceptance choose open access and tell us who should pay your article publishing charge (you will receive a quote)
  5. Choose the creative commons license you (or your funder) prefers

How do I know if a journal is Open Select?

Look out for this indicator at the top of the journal home page on Taylor & Francis Online. Or, use our open access options finder.

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For additional details, visit our Author Services Open Select site.


*Citations received up to Jan 31st 2020 for articles published in 2015-2019 in journals listed in Web of ScienceĀ®.

^Usage in 2017-2019 for articles published in 2015-2019.