Environment & Agriculture

Our Environmental & Agriculture journals are at the forefront of scientific research, underpinning the most challenging issues faced by humanity from climate change to food production and advanced modern, sustainable farming and agricultural methods. They advance research, discussion and opinion, and support partner societies and wider initiatives such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our portfolio features a diverse range of subjects, from Environmental Education, Environmental Health, Environmental Humanities and Environmental Policy to Aquaculture, Soil Science, Food & Nutrition and Food Waste. Topics also include Oceanography, Plant Science, Toxicology and Ecology & Evolution. Each journal’s homepage has in-depth information including Aims & Scope, journal specific guides on how to submit your article, share your data, and more.


Our modern botany articles cover plant structure, growth, and reproduction as well as biochemistry, chemical development, disease research and plant taxonomy.

View the latest botany research.

Plant & Animal Ecology

Plant ecology articles on the abundance of plants, environmental factors that impact plants and the interactions of plant with other organisms.

Animal ecology deals with relationships for evolution, population growth and regulation as well as the interactions between specifies and the energy flow through ecosystems.

Explore the latest plant & animal ecology research.

Soil Sciences

A range of articles on soil science, geoscience, biochemistry, plant nutrition, forestry and more.

Read the latest soil science research.


View a range of the latest zoology research including animal science, biodiversity and fish and reservoir management.

Read zoology articles.


The latest paleobiology articles covering a range of planetology, fossil biology and more.

View paleobiology research.

Marine & Aquatic Science

Aquatic science articles covering all ranges of aquatic science, marine biology, freshwater ecology and costal management.

Explore marine & aquatic science articles.


Covering the latest exciting discoveries in entomology, forensic entomology, and acarology.

Search entomology articles.

Natural History - Evolution and general biology

Read discoveries about natural history, early humans, and human evolution.

View natural history - evolution and general biology articles.

Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

A wide range of journals and articles from food science and nutrition to avian pathology. Find the latest on GM crops and food or explore environmental toxicology.

Read the latest agriculture & environmental services research.

Taylor & Francis are committed to supporting researchers achieve their goals and have their research available globally. We offer multiple options to read articles, via institutional subscriptions or through open access articles, and strive to make this content available to those who need it most.

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  1. African Journal of Aquatic Science

    Publishes research on inland and estuarine African aquatic systems, including lakes, rivers, limnology, ecology, conservation, water quality and ecotoxicology.
    Partial Access
  2. African Journal of Herpetology

    Publishes research on evolution, phylogenetics, systematics, physiology, morphology, ethology, ecology and conservation of African amphibians and reptiles.
    Partial Access
  3. African Journal of Marine Science

    Publishes international research on oceanic, shelf and estuarine waters, including oceanography, water organisms and habitats and aquaculture.
    Partial Access
  4. African Journal of Range & Forage Science

    Publishes research on the management, assessment, monitoring, ecology, conservation, biodiversity and forage science of rangelands and pastures in Africa.
    Partial Access
  5. African Zoology

    Publishes zoological and ecological research on terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems of African animals.
    Partial Access
  6. Agrekon

    Agrekon publishes research on agricultural science and agricultural, rural and food economics in southern Africa.
    Partial Access
  7. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems

    Publishes research on agroecology and alternative food systems for sustainable agriculture, food security, conservation and multifunctional landscapes.
    Partial Access
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