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Explore our range of our engineering & technology journals. Our engineering journals contain articles on civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering and more. Whilst our technology journals delve into all facets of technology from the latest nanotechnology advancements to articles on face scanning and self-driving cars.

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Cogent Engineering

Cogent Engineering publishes research on all areas of engineering and technology including computer science, chemical, mechanical, biomedical, civil and environmental engineering.

One of the largest, multidisciplinary open access engineering journals of peer-reviewed research, Cogent Engineering, part of the Taylor & Francis Group, covers all areas of engineering and technology, from chemical engineering to computer science, and mechanical to materials engineering. Cogent Engineering encourages interdisciplinary research and also accepts negative results, software articles, replication studies and reviews.

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Journal of Quality Technology

A Quarterly Journal of Methods, Applications and Related Topics

Publishes technical advancement of quality technology, including practical applicability of new techniques and instructive examples of existing techniques.

The objective of Journal of Quality Technology is to contribute to the technical advancement of the field of quality technology by publishing papers that emphasize the practical applicability of new techniques, instructive examples of the operation of existing techniques and results of historical researches. Expository, review, and tutorial papers are also acceptable if they are written in a style suitable for practicing engineers.

Please note that this journal only publishes manuscripts in English.

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International Journal of Sustainable Engineering

Publishes research on sustainable products, technologies and business models, including environmental management, resource efficiency and waste minimization.

The International Journal of Sustainable Engineering (IJSE) aims to provide engineers from a variety of backgrounds with access to a valuable source of cross-disciplinary information for promoting sustainable practices. One of the principle objectives of the journal is to stimulate innovation and development of sustainable products and production technologies, as well as novel services and business models.

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International Journal of Control

Publishes research in all areas of control theory and applications, both established and emerging.

International Journal of Control (IJC) is a world leading journal dedicated to publishing high quality, rigorously peer reviewed, original papers in all areas of control theory and applications, both established and emerging. Topics include, but are not limited to: adaptive control, aircraft and aerospace control, biological and medical systems, control of manufacturing systems, control theory, design of control systems, information-based control, power & water management, traffic & automobile control and shipping & marine vessels control.

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Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration

Publishing theoretical and applied research in topics ranging from measurement and control to system analysis, design and integration.

The SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration (SICE JCMSI) seeks original manuscripts for publication. This international journal is dedicated to publishing high quality, peer reviewed papers containing archival research results related to the fields from measurement and control to system analysis/design/integration, from theory to application, and from software to hardware. Newly developed interdisciplinary ideas and concepts transferable from one field to another are welcome.

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International Journal of Production Research

Established in 1961, the International Journal of Production Research (IJPR) is a leading journal in the areas of manufacturing, industrial engineering, operations research and management science.

The International Journal of Production Research aims to disseminate research on decision aid in manufacturing, operations management and logistics.

The International Journal of Production Research publishes convincing scientific results with clear, real-life applications as well as fundamental techniques developed in computer, decision and mathematical sciences to solve complex decision problems that arise in design, measurement, management and control of production and logistics systems.

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Engineering & Technology subjects

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  1. Advanced Device Materials

    This peer-reviewed, open access journal publishes original research papers, reviews and rapid communications on materials and their formation into functional structures with enhanced or unusual properties, with an emphasis on the fabrication and performance of devices.
    Open Access
  2. Advanced Robotics

    Publishes papers on robotic science and technology, including fundamental, space, underwater and industrial robotics, deep learning, and interactive robotics.
    Partial Access
  3. Advances in Building Energy Research

    Provides expert reviews and analyses of the most important developments across the fields of energy efficiency and environmental performance of buildings.
    Partial Access
  4. Aerosol Science and Technology

    Aerosol and Technology publishes theoretical and numerical research into aerosols including nucleation, nanoparticles and nanotechnology. 
    Partial Access
  5. Annals of GIS

    Publishes papers on topics in geo-information science, such as remote sensing, data acquisition, GIS and geo-visualization, and their applications.
    Partial Access
  6. Annals of Science

    Publishes articles and reviews on the history of science, technology and medicine, including developments from classical antiquity to the late 20th century.
    Partial Access
  7. Applied Artificial Intelligence

    Focuses on research on artificial intelligence, including applications to solve engineering, administration and education tasks, and evaluations of AI systems.
    Partial Access
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